Stockport Digifest 2024


The Gaydio Academy, in partnership with Stockport Council and their Digifest funding, delivered online and social media safety training with a diverse group across Stockport to coincide with their Stockport Digifest. All participants will see themselves working in groups to discuss how to be safe online and then will be creating podcasts on their feelings.

We worked with a mixture of participants across Stockport in different sessions and also with partnered organisations (The Proud Trust's 'Constellations' Group) to teach online safety and podcast skills.

The Session's Layout

  1. Introduction to Gaydio & radio

  2. What is a podcast and statistics across the globe

  3. What is online safety?

  4. How can you stay safe online

  5. Developing ideas and questions to create individual podcasts

  6. Record and create each groups podcasts

The Podcasts

At the end of the sessions, the participants got behind our mics to record a podcast which focused on social media & online safety and some of the issues they face. The questions were designed to be asked by participants aged between 13 to 18 and for them to give advice of what they think their age range should be doing more online. Below are a selection of podcasts across the sessions we ran in February that the participants created:

Podcast 1

Podcast 2

Podcast 3

Podcast 4

Podcast 5

With Thanks

  • Digital Stockport

    DigiKnow is Stockport’s Digital Inclusion Alliance – a network of partners from all sectors working collaboratively to help shape, support and promote digital inclusion in Stockport. It is commissioned and managed by Stockport Council and delivered by Starting Point Community Learning Partnership, who run the DigiKnow Helpline and the DigiKnow Digital Lending Library.

  • The Proud Trust (Constellations)

    A weekly group for LGBT+ young people and those questioning their gender or sexuality aged 13-19, who live or spend time in Stockport. Constellations is a supportive space to meet other local LGBT+ young people, explore a wide range of activities, and be proud of who you are.