About The Gaydio Academy

Just a little about us...

The Gaydio Academy helps Gaydio reflect the diversity of the audience we represent. It's a core building block in our mission to be the UK's LGBTQ+ station.

We are an education service that is a part of Gaydio to help you get your foot in the door in the radio industry and will help find where your next steps are to achieve your dream career.

All activities at The Gaydio Academy are free. No experience is necessary. We're LGBTQ+ focussed, not LGBTQ+ exclusive.

Learners can get involved at a number of locations around the country and could find themselves doing anything from conducting interviews to editing audio and video or helping pull together content to be heard on air or online.

The Gaydio Academy Team

Lee Barnes

Academy Manager

After first getting involved in Brighton, Lee now delivers learning for the Gaydio Academy across the country. He has a wealth of experience, with over a decade under his belt as a volunteer and staffer across the industry. You can hear him on your radio loads too!