Greater Manchester Hate Crime Awareness Week 2023


Hate Crime Awareness Week 2023

The Gaydio Academy caught up with Salford City Council to chat all things Hate Crime Awareness and how we can help and protect our trans community.

Lee from the Gaydio Academy chatted with Councillor Sharmina August at Gaydio HQ, which included questions positioned at helping the trans community.

For the questions asked, a full interview and a highlight of one of the questions then please see below:



  1. Do you think Salford and Manchester are generally accepting of the trans community?

  2. What improvements do you think need to be made to make Salford and Manchester more welcoming of trans people?

  3. How can we help people in our community stay safe from being victims of hate crimes?

  4. If someone thinks they’ve been a victim of a hate crime but they’re worried they won’t be taken seriously if they report it, is there anything you would say to encourage them?

  5. If someone is involved in a hate crime incident, not a hate crime but something bad happened – do you think they should still report it?

  6. Is there any advance word you can give us in terms of the Council’s hate crime strategy for how we can support the trans community going forward?

Full Interview

Highlight Interview