Fighting LGBTQ+ Loneliness (UK)

With funding from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport through the Loneliness Engagement Fund, Gaydio Academy explored the issue of LGBTQ+ loneliness through an exclusive podcast and in-depth interviews. Our aim was to reduce the stigma around loneliness and increase the number of people in our community who know how and where to find help if they or someone they know is lonely.

Fighting LGBTQ+ Loneliness Podcast

Interviewees - Just Like Us, Bloom & Lorelei

Discussed by Gaydio Academy participants - James, Daniela, Sarah, Darius, Gray & Ashley

Presenter - Lee

For more advice on how to deal with loneliness, click on the links below:

blossomNew Just Like Us


Organisation Interviews

We asked LGBTQ+ organisations across the UK what they were doing to help LGBTQ+ people struggling with loneliness and how people in our community can get the advice and support they need.


Blossom is a social enterprise that focuses on providing support to LGBTQ+ young adults in Surrey and online, providing social groups, life skill classes and education while also advocating for the rights and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people. Please click their logo to find out more.


Interviewing - Oscar 

Job Title - Director

Location - Surrey/UK

Pronouns - They/Them


Breakout Youth

Breakout Youth is an independent charity set up in Southampton in 1993 in response to the dangers faced by LGBTQ+ youth at the time. They offer a confidential support service for young people aged 11 to 25. Please click their logo to find out more.


Interviewing - Kestral

Job Title - Lead Youth Worker

Location - Hampshire/UK

Pronouns - She/Her


Friends of Dorothy

Friends of Dorothy is a charity that champions social inclusion for older LGBTQ+ people by hosting regular activities and events. They are a welcoming inclusive group that supports members to keep well, have fun and stay connected. Please click their logo to find out more.


Interviewing - Matthew

Job Title - Ambassador

Location - Leeds/UK

Pronouns - He/Him


Just Like Us

Just Like Us is the LGBTQ+ young people’s charity, with a mission to empower young people to champion LGBTQ+ equality. They want all young people to know that being LGBTQ+ is something to be celebrated. Please click their logo to find out more.


Interviewing - Dominic

Job Title - Chief Executive

Location - London/UK

Pronouns - He/him


Leeds LGBTQ+ Community Consortium

Leeds LGBTQ+ Community Consortium is working with partners to reduce social isolation amongst older, unwell, disabled or otherwise restricted members of the LGBTQ+ communities. They aim to improve health and wellbeing by providing inter-generational activities, events and information to enable LGBTQ+ people to develop new interests and become more connected. Please click their logo to find out more.

Interviewing - Susan

Job Title - Chair

Location -Leeds/UK

Pronouns - She/They



MESMAC is one of the oldest and largest sexual health organisations in the country. They offer services to various communities across Yorkshire, including men who have sex with men, people of colour and other marginalised races, people misusing drugs, sex workers and LGBTQ+ young people and adults. Please click their logo to find out more.


Interviewing - Keith

Job Title - Community Development Worker

Location -Leeds/UK

Pronouns - He/Him


Personal Interviews

We also spoke to Susan and Lorelei about their own personal experiences of loneliness and what advice they would give to others facing similar struggles.


Susan describes her experiences of being a single person while getting older, going through a pandemic alone and what helped her through lonely times.


Location - Leeds

Pronouns - She/They



Lorelei describes coming out as a trans woman, how her relationship with her family has developed and what advice she has for people going through similar experiences.


Location - Manchester

Pronouns - She/They

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