Intro to Radio & Podcasting (Wipro x The Princes Trust, London)

Wipro x The Princes Trust

The Gaydio Academy, in partnership with Wipro & The Princes Trust, delivered radio skills training, peer support and mentoring to give participants their first steps in radio, a look at the industry as a whole and then created content for pride month which the participants took away with them to help them into future volunteering roles & work experience. All participants saw themselves enrolled in the industry whilst benefiting from one-to-one support and volunteering opportunities.

Course Layout

  1. Introduction to Radio and how to become a radio presenter

  2. Show content & news presenting

  3. Other roles in radio & a look at music

  4. Creating your own station, job searching in the industry and preparation for the creation of your podcasts

  5. Podcast creation, a session exploring the next stage progression tailored to participant's specific needs and next steps with Gaydio and other radio stations


The end goal of the week was for each participant to produce a podcast in a group that they could take away with them which was all about pride month. There were a lot of interesting conversations to take away from with the participants even talking about their religion and the community to rap music.


Please see below the podcast created by Saima & Annice:

Please see below the podcast created by Jordi, Dani & Sally:

Please see below the podcast created by Kay, Deborah & Will:

Please see below the podcast created by Laren, Latyr & Rachel:

Please see below the podcast created by Sabrina, Jigeesha & Mahad:

News Demo

During one session, participants took part in creating a news report from scratch and recorded this live. Taking current news stories, they constructed a journalist layout to present this on-air. Individually, they recorded and then edited this down to the final feature. Please see below one example created by Saima, Jordi & Rachel:






  • Fantastic teachers! Great at keeping you engaged and interested in the subject. It's a shame the course wasn't longer!

    Participant One
  • Lee’s the best teacher you can have to start out. His energy is just mindblowing. The whole vibe of the course was just at the peak edge of creativity. Thank you for making me a part of it.

    Participant Two
  • I had an amazing time on the course, it really opened up new career prospects for me that I wouldn’t have had or thought about before

    Participant Three
  • The course was great. Was really helpful and gave me a better understanding of what the industry is like.

    Participant Four
  • Lee is an amazing tutor. I loved the course, it was fun going back home and showing mg parents what I’ve been up to.

    Participant Five
  • This week has been amazing, I wasn’t sure how the course would be but it has been the best week I’ve had for a long time. Learning different things, meeting new people and more importantly being seen and heard and made to feel welcome not only by staff but also by other members of the group. The content of the course was interesting and really engaging.

    Participant Six
  • Lee was a fountain of knowledge! So much incredible content and really useful tips provided throughout. I felt so lucky to have someone with so much experience train and support me on my journey. Even though it was called ‘intro’ it was very advanced in how quickly they equipped and developed our skill set.

    Participant Seven
  • From having an interest in radio, I am now confident in pursuing a job in relation to radio. I am confident on showcasing what I have done during this short course and hope to progress.

    Participant Eight
  • For the one week course, I learned a lot in a short space of time, more than I did at university and this will help me if looking for opportunities moving forward.

    Participant Eight



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