Intro to Radio & Podcasting 2024 (Edinburgh, Dundee & Fife)

The Gaydio Academy, in partnership with The Prince's Trust Scotland, delivered radio and work skills training, peer support and mentoring to help people from 3 areas in Scotland (Dundee, Edinburgh & Fife) and the surrounding areas become more confident and employable. All participants benefited from one-to-one support and getting a plan of the next steps to take.

Each intensive round of training delivered five informal training sessions over a single week at multiple locations including 'The Waldorf Astoria' in Edinburgh and K107 FM. Training focused on:

Course Layout

  1. Introduction to radio and how to become a radio presenter

  2. Show content & news presenter skills

  3. Other roles in radio & music

  4. Podcast creation ideas on a subject of their choice

  5. A session exploring the next stage progression, tailored to the specific needs of each participant, including creating their podcasts.


The end goal of the week was for each participant to produce a podcast in a group that they could take away with them but on topics the groups could relate to. Please see below the podcast created by Connor & Russell:

News Demo

During one session, participants took part in creating a news report from scratch and recorded this live. Taking current news stories, they constructed a journalist layout to present this on-air. Individually, they recorded and then edited this down to the final feature. Please see below one example created by Nat, J & Azmath:



  • Thank you again for your knowledge and wonderful personality Lee, has honestly helped my mental health

    Participant from course
  • This course was an absolute blast!

    Participant from course
  • So much knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching. Thank you for the course and your knowledge and making the working world seem less daunting

    Participant from course
  • Just got a new job in Manchester. I'm really happy wouldn't have found this job if it weren't for the Gaydio Academy so thank you so so much

    Participant from course