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The Gaydio Academy, in partnership with The Prince's Trust Scotland, delivered radio and work skills training, peer support and mentoring to help people from Edinburgh and the surrounding areas become more confident and employable. All participants benefited from one-to-one support and getting a plan of the next steps to take.

Each intensive round of training delivered five informal training sessions over a single week at our 'The Waldorf Astoria' in Edinburgh. Training focused on:

Course Layout

  1. Introduction to radio and how to become a radio presenter

  2. Show content & news presenter skills

  3. Other roles in radio & music

  4. Podcast creation ideas on a subject of their choice

  5. A session exploring the next stage progression, tailored to the specific needs of each participant, including creating their podcasts.


The end goal of the week was for each participant to produce a podcast in a group that they could take away with them but on topics the groups could relate to. The podcasts were designed to be similar to podcasts that could be heard on streaming platforms. Below are the podcasts on Gaming, Culture & AI (Artificial intelligence):

'Relationships' with Ellie, Milo & Ruth:

News Demo

During one session, participants took part in creating a news report from scratch and recorded this live. Taking current news stories, they constructed a journalist layout to present this on-air. Individually, they recorded and then edited this down to the final feature. Please see below one example, created and voiced by Tom, Benji & Ivy:


  • Lee is an asset to Gaydio, loved loved LOVED THE COURSE! AMAZING!

    Participant from course
  • Absolutely had a blast! I feel very empowered to try new experiences, thank you for everything!

    Participant from course
  • This course has been really insightful overall

    Participant from course
  • This course has boosted my confidence, especially with recording in front of an audience

    Participant from course