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Gaydio Academy welcomed the Prince's Trust to our brand new Academy Area in March 2022 and delivered radio skills training and insight into how a radio station operates. After completing training, participants became Gaydio Presenters for the afternoon and voiced a show for us in our studios.

Prince's Trust

How The Day Went

Participants learnt the following over the half-day course:

  • Intro to radio

  • What is radio, how does it works, and how big radio still is

  • Fun quizzes about the UK radio industry

  • Learning how all stations are different

  • Q&A with the Business Director of Gaydio

  • Create your own radio station and how to make it great

  • Station walk around (live studios, equipment)

  • Create your own demo in the studio then create a class demo to take away with you

Example of a demo that a class could produce:

The Day In Pictures



What the students & The Prince's Trust thought

  • Ultimately, I can’t speak highly enough of Lee and the Gaydio team for facilitating such an amazing day for the young people. Lee made a massive positive impact on the confidence, communication skills and wellbeing of the young people – thank you so much!

    The Prince's Trust
  • The environment Lee created throughout the session was so welcoming, positive, inclusive, and encouraging a true testament to Gaydio’s values. This really showed when he supported the slightly nervous young people (and staff!) through their radio demo

    Alex (The Prince's Trust)
  • I really enjoyed the day and had so much fun working and learning the different things that go into radio production

    Emily (15) - Participant from course
  • The session was very interactive through various mediums which exemplifies Lee’s commitment to educating young people. It really was a major highlight from their time on the programme!

    The Prince's Trust
  • Gaydio was fun, one of the best days. I enjoyed the whole day to be honest!

    Shannika (15) - Participant from course
  • I was scared at first because I wasn’t sure what to say for the recording, but after I did the recording, I was proud of myself and overall it was fun

    Charity (15) - Participant from course
  • It felt great to be at Gaydio and learning how radio stations operate. I experienced sitting behind the microphone which was fun

    Aliakbar (15) - Participant from course


Find out more about The Prince's Trust here