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The Gaydio Academy helps Gaydio reflect the diversity of the audience we represent. It's a core building block in our mission to be the UK's LGBTQ+ station.

All activities at The Gaydio Academy are free. No experience is necessary. We're LGBTQ+ focussed, not LGBTQ+ exclusive.

  • As a learner, you'll get experience in media and content creation while you learn new transferrable skills.

  • After training, you can expect to collaborate with others, creating professional-quality audio packages with support from our team.

  • You'll build your confidence and become more employable in the process - all in a fun environment where you'll make friends.

  • After you finish, there are opportunities to progress to further work experience and volunteering.

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Current Courses

Previous Courses

Intro Into Radio - Awards For All (Brighton) Awards For All, with the Academy, delivered radio and work skills training, peer support and mentoring to give participants their first steps in radio, a look at the industry as a whole and then created content online to help promote mental health and the LGBTQ+ community in the city.
Work Club 2022-2023 (Manchester) Work Club 2023, with the Academy, delivered radio and work skills training, peer support and mentoring to help jobless people from Greater Manchester and the surroundings to find secure employment and/or training.
The Prince's Trust - Level Up 2022 (Manchester) Delivery of radio skills training and insight into how a radio station operates. Hands-on experience as a radio presenter and producer
Pride In London 2022 (London) Radio skills training for 20 people from London, conducting interviews and producing audio packages about Pride in London 2022
Get Started In Radio & Podcasting 2023 (Edinburgh) Get Started in Radio & Podcasting, with The Princes Trust Scotland, delivered radio and work skills training, peer support and mentoring to help people from Edinburgh and surrounding areas to kick start their career in radio.


Alongside short taught courses that run over a week-or-so, The Gaydio Academy facilitates longer-term projects, with opportunities for involvement throughout the year. You could find yourself interviewing local politicians, putting together a series of podcasts to help tackle loneliness and isolation in our community or creating digital content to make a splash across social media.


Applicants Testimonials

We love what we do, but it's what our learners, schools and partner organisations say that really matters. Whether you're a keen radio geek or a first-timer, you'll find the experience of someone just like you below...

Mega cheers for today Lee. Loved it and I like your training style. It didn't feel like a course at all. Considering some of the courses I have been on working for the Police before I retired. Some of them can bore you to sleep, Haha But seriously thankyou. After I did the bit recording I felt a sense of like ‘hell yeah I can do this if I work on 'X', 'Y' and 'Z’ So thank you!



Loved every minute of the course, thank you Lee!



Gaydio Academy were extremely kind and understanding. They conducted themselves professionally on a sensitive and emotional topic which doesnt get talked about as much as it should, shining a spotlight on important issues and caring about our community. They were a joy to speak with and Im glad that Gaydio Academy is available as such a resource.



Lee was such a joy to spend the day with, so engaging and knowledgable - and you get to meet other great people as well!




Client Testimonials

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